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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The weekend's Over

This week I only had 1 day to rest and CREATE.  I worked Saturday and then went to an Origami Owl party at a friend's house.  After that it was out dancing with my hubby, Jenaye and her boyfriend.  We had lots of fun and they are starting to become great little western {2 step dancers}. 

Today I slept in a bit and then worked on a couple of projects.  I set up my paint {spray paint} station in the backyard and sprayed some things, including these books. 

I finally got smart and starting painting on assembled boxes instead of broken down boxes.  It's a mush better height and easier on my knees. 

I am going to add some glitter to the spines tomorrow.  They will be used in a centerpiece like setting.  I like the silver metallic paint and the glitter should add that extra layer of sparkle.  This metallic paint by Krylon is really is like super fine metallic flakes.  And being silver, it is a perfect color to add to any crafting projects.

I also was able to kit my DO ME A FAVOR workshop that's this Tuesday night.  Can't wait to see all my "regulars"!  I had to re-make one of the favors due to a paper shortage and I think I actually like it better than the original!

I love this red, black, white and teal line of printed paper by Bazzill.  It is so versatile and can be used for guys or gals.  :)

I made some little LUCKY tags for the Studio 61 section at ETC earlier in the week and today I put together a couple of simple favors using the tags.

I love quick and easy projects and these see thru bags make it so easy.  Simple fill em with candy {or your favorite treats} and hang a cute tag from a coordinating ribbon or trim and you are done.  Great for when you need to reproduce several. 

Looking forward to seeing you gals that are signed up for Tuesday nite's class.  If you are a local gal, there are two more spots left if you want to join us!  It's too late to sign up on line, but you can sign up over the phone by calling ETC at 480-854-2303. 

Here's to a super week,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh Baby...was the shower fun!

A couple at work is expecting in April and we threw them a little shower today.  Lucky for me I have friends that have shared some really great recipes with me over the years, so I wasn't surprised to get compliments on the yummy food.  This work crowd is easily impressed with "little touches" so I could throw a party for them any day!
Here's the scrumptious strawberry salad {by the late Val Jones} that I whipped up.  Honestly, who would have ever thought that strawberries and red onions would be a good combination!

The veggies looked so festive in the party cups that were complete with ranch dressing or jalapeno cheddar dip.  The little orange cups contained a recipe from Miller's back in Tennessee (thanks LeighAnn!).  It's  a frozen delectable treat is always eaten up quickly.

And the pasta salad (yes...WITH grapes) was a BIG hit...thanks to my friend Marti Jones for sharing all her wonderful recipes with this novice cook.

It's hard to see, but I die cut 11-1/2" circles of printed paper and coordinating Bazzill cardstock and substituted them for a table runner.  It helped turn a conference room table from drab to fab!  The cute color scheme to celebrate was light blue, dark blue, green, orange and white. 

Of course the muffin toppers had to coordinate with our color scheme, so I punched circles and scalloped circles from the same paper lines.   They were displayed in one of my favorite cupcake stands that I got a few years ago {thanks Ashley soon-to-be Collins for the gift card!}.
And to help guide the guests in making their food selections, I made these little food tags that we placed next to each item.  Being a picky eater myself, I always like knowing what I am eating!

What a fun day...but with 4 hours of sleep last night, I am glad it is behind me.  I am delighted that my baby days are behind me and that I won't have any trouble sleeping through the night!  :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Whatta weekend!

Boy did I have a fabulous weekend.  It was filled with wedding planning excitement and a surprise visit from our son, Preston.  He flew in and surprised me!  We traveled to Sedona with his soon-to-be bride and her mom.  We went to a wedding expo at Poco Diablo. 

I managed to get my projects completed for my upcoming Do Me A Favor workshop so the weekend was super productive.  Here's a sneak peek at three of the four projects we will be making.  I'd show the fourth, but I need to redo it to include a St. Patrick's Day favor. 

I also finished up the bridal shower banner.  I struggled with the colors, but felt OK about it once it was all together.  I did change it up a bit by attaching it to a framed peg board.

 Now I need to focus on a baby shower for a couple I work with.  She is having a boy and we are throwing her a shower on Wednesday.  The colors are real, med blue, navy blue and orange.  I will take some pics when we get it all set up so you can see what we end up with.  For food, we are doing like a tasting portion.  Very wasteful as far as cups and containers go...but it is such a cute concept, we couldn't resist!  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats...

done!  Yep, those treats for the work peeps are all done.

After much debate on what to put together this year and some fun inspiration from here

I decided to follow their lead and made these...

I know it was cheating, but honestly, it doesn't get any cuter than this.  The heart shaped pink and white marshmellows are so stinking cute.  I used some 4X6 flat cello bags and filled each one with a graham cracker square, a minature Hershey bar and the heart marshmellow.  I added a tag that I created quickly on the computer and tied the package shut with white trim.  I embellished the package with a small heart sticker and in about an hour, I had 40 ready for gifting. 

Cupid's work here is done.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I love it when I find something that inspires me.  I am twice as creative when I have something inspirational to work with.  As all the new product starts to occupy space at ETC I realize how lucky we are to have this store in our area!  Always the latest and greatest in crafting, from scrapbooking to card making and quilting to sewing...they carry the best selection of paper and fabric. 

Yesterday I found some new stuff I just couldn't resist.  Have you seen it?

My apologies that this one came in sideways.   This new Bazzill paper line is a Janet Hopkins creations.  It is amazing!  I plan on making a mini book with it and can't wait to start on it.  While it is available in 12X12 sheets of paper, I am in love with the smaller version...6X6's.  And I love that it is sold as a paper pack AND individual sheets (12X12 only).  The BEST of both worlds.  I love having the pack for the variety and then being able to purchase individual sheets of my favorite prints from the collection. 

This is one of the new Teresa Collins lines of printed paper.  Who would have known that Navy would look great with yellow, gray and teal-y blue.  The printed paper, the embellishments and the coordinating Bazzill cardstock...I love it all!  This will definitely be one of the paper lines we use in the next SCRAP HAPPY class on March 24th. 

Also found {and bought} these stickers.  They will be perfect for my DO ME A FAVOR workshop.  They are one of the newest products from Creative Imaginations.  I love that there is a variety of stickers but more than one of each style. 

Once I create using these new products, I will be sure and post.  For now, I must get busy working on a banner for a bridal shower that is next weekend. 

A BIG thanks to the locals {and Ginger} who were in my SCRAP HAPPY workshop at ETC yesterday.  I really enjoyed you gals and the laughs we had.  :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Week Ahead

Boy this weekend flew by!  Funny how that happens, isn't it?  Didn't get much time to be creative this weekend, as I had to work on Saturday.  I did go over to a friend's house today to help her daughter work on a wedding book for her soon to be daughter-in-law.  The daughter did all the work, I just cut paper and punched the holes for the binding.  I couldn't believe how quick she was.  She had the whole thing done in about 3 hours.  Heck, sometimes it takes me that long to get started! 

Since we didn't have any Super Bowl party plans of any sort, I was able to spend the afternoon crafting.  I made a few more Valentine treats using a new tag I created.

I tied this one onto one of the sewn pocket sacks with a doiley.

 This is a longer version of the tag that I placed onto the plastic "chemistry-like" containers.  Of course I couldn't resist filling the container with the Cupid candy corn. 

This is another one of the longer version tags that is tucked up into this small brown paper sack that is filled with sweets.

I used one of my heart punches to add some dimension to the tags.  If I had any pop dots around here, I would have probably used them as well.  Hearts and circles have got to be my two most favorite shapes when it comes to punches.  I find myself using them so often! 

This week I have got to get busy and work on some Valentines for the gang at work.  And then it's on to St. Patty's Day and Easter.  Gosh, before you know it summer will be here.  :/ 

Wish I knew how to upload files in my posts, then I could provide printwork for you to download and use on your projects.  Where's Joey (Otlo) when you need her?  I am going to impress you guys and figure it out...hopefully SOON!  :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st...'s hard to believe, but it is here!  Means I have been eating healthy for ONE MONTH!  :)
Yesterday I was busy setting up a display on my dining room table.  Now mine is nothing as great as my mom's, but I am certainly influenced by all her creative tablescaping.  Since I don't have the dishware, glassware and silverware collection she does, I fore go the tablesetting and create more of a extra large table display.


Guess I will have 2 full weeks to enjoy it before decorating for Easter.  I have some ideas for Easter that involve glitter, newspaper and burlap.  I will share once I have it all put together.  :)

Last nite I had my DO ME A FAVOR workshop at ETC and got to catch up with a few of my regulars.  Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you had a great time!  It was such an easy going group.  :)  Last night I was given many little gifts from several of the gals.  Here is look at all the goodies I received. 

Here's a peek at the class kits that were placed in the mega brown paper sacks and embellished with a prize ribbon created with pink heart doileys and dark pink crepe paper.

Now it's time to get in gear for my February 11th Scrap Happy and Beginner's Luck classes.  Both of which will require a trip to ETC to pick up all my supplies.  I have noticed some new printed paper down there and I doubt I will have any trouble finding something fun to incorporate into my layouts.

For now, it's back to unpacking from the class last nite {always the worst chore}.  :/