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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The weekend's Over

This week I only had 1 day to rest and CREATE.  I worked Saturday and then went to an Origami Owl party at a friend's house.  After that it was out dancing with my hubby, Jenaye and her boyfriend.  We had lots of fun and they are starting to become great little western {2 step dancers}. 

Today I slept in a bit and then worked on a couple of projects.  I set up my paint {spray paint} station in the backyard and sprayed some things, including these books. 

I finally got smart and starting painting on assembled boxes instead of broken down boxes.  It's a mush better height and easier on my knees. 

I am going to add some glitter to the spines tomorrow.  They will be used in a centerpiece like setting.  I like the silver metallic paint and the glitter should add that extra layer of sparkle.  This metallic paint by Krylon is really is like super fine metallic flakes.  And being silver, it is a perfect color to add to any crafting projects.

I also was able to kit my DO ME A FAVOR workshop that's this Tuesday night.  Can't wait to see all my "regulars"!  I had to re-make one of the favors due to a paper shortage and I think I actually like it better than the original!

I love this red, black, white and teal line of printed paper by Bazzill.  It is so versatile and can be used for guys or gals.  :)

I made some little LUCKY tags for the Studio 61 section at ETC earlier in the week and today I put together a couple of simple favors using the tags.

I love quick and easy projects and these see thru bags make it so easy.  Simple fill em with candy {or your favorite treats} and hang a cute tag from a coordinating ribbon or trim and you are done.  Great for when you need to reproduce several. 

Looking forward to seeing you gals that are signed up for Tuesday nite's class.  If you are a local gal, there are two more spots left if you want to join us!  It's too late to sign up on line, but you can sign up over the phone by calling ETC at 480-854-2303. 

Here's to a super week,

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  1. Class was great Kelly . . . just like always. Cute, cute ideas. I am going to duplicate all of them!