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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random Sunday

I love shopping at ETC and being part of that community!  EVERY time I go in I see people I know.  Love chit chatting and catching up.  Recently it was Arlene, Shelly, Connie & Kim that I saw.  And then of course, the staff is great.  Last nite when I was there Angie, Lindsey and Sandee were working.  I love exchanging ideas, recipes and what-not with customers, friends and the staff.  It's certainly a center for inspiration and creativity.

I promised Miss Shelly that I would post a picture of my latest chalk paint project.  I painted this {five dollar} Goodwill find about a month ago.  I used Annie Sloan chalk paint on the first chair I posted a while back, but this time, I made my own.  I loved being able to go down to the local hardware store and select my own color of paint!  So MANY more options than using a premixed brand {such as Annie Sloan or CeCe Caldwell}.

Here's the chair with the homemade chalk paint
I am not going to lie...I am not that good of a distresser.  While I love the look I lack the skill!  This little guy was a dark brown with MANY scratches.  A few coats of paint, a little sanding and a coat of wax and I was done.  From start to finish a couple days.  I like to let my paint dry overnite before distressing and waxing.

Compare this to the Annie Sloan paint I used on this chair {which I love} 

I can see me using both the premixed and the home made version.  I think the premixed is ideal for bigger projects such as a buffet or a coffee table.

The neat thing about all chalk paint {premixed or home mixed} is that you don't have to do any prep work and it can be used on anything...wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, etc.  Think of all the things in your home or the gems sitting at a second hand store that could use a splash of color to bring them back to life!  The possibilities are truly endless.

Heidi Lynn Schreiber is teaching a chalk paint class at Etc on February 28th...the As Seen On Pinterest class.  I am not sure what recipe she will be using...there are several out there, but if you are wanting to learn more about making your own chalk paint, you can sign up here

I am busily creating valentines to gift to my co-workers.  If you are wanting to do the same, or need ideas for your little one's valentine exchange, here are a few ideas to inspire you. 

This little tall white cup holds shred from an old dictionary and a peppermint patty that is shaped in a heart.  Simply unwrap the candy and place it in a crinkle bag and tie closed with a piece of lace.  A silver tinsel handle, seam binding, dyed paper flower, small striped pole {1/2 of a paper straw}, Pink Paislee Chipboard heart and sentiment printed on Bazzill cardstock were added to complete the project.

For something with less pieces this little fold over treat would be perfect!  Cut your cardstock or printed paper so that once your treat is taped inside, it cannot be seen.  Score and fold over the top and punch a hole through both layers of paper at the bottom middle to secure closed.  Punch a hole in your sentiment and tie it into the bow.

For something even quicker, fill a crinkle bag with this sweet candy corn and tie closed with red seam binding.  Print sentiment onto Bazzill cardstock and hole punch to run thin twine through and attach.

This little crinkle bag is filled with valentine corn, a cute honeycomb heart is placed down into the center before tying closed with gray seam binding.  This would make a cute seating place card set down in old tins as pictured here.

This little sewn doiley brown sack pocket is filled with three miniature Hershey bars.  Adorned with a Fiskar's heart punched shape, washi tape, ribbon and an "xoxo" sentiment. 

This mini "cupid's vial" is filled with heart shaped red hots and the cap is sealed with a piece of red washi tape.  Two holes are punched in the little "me + you = chemistry" printwork and the ribbon is fed from the back to the front, securing the vial and then tied into a bow.  The little felt heart is attached to the ribbon using a miniature black safety pin.

All supplies used to create these little valentines are available for purchase at ETC 

It's time to start kitting for my Do Me A Favor Class on Tuesday, February 5th.  There are still a few spots left if you want to join me just jingle ETC at 480.854.2303 and they will sign you up over the phone. or use the link above I listed for Heidi's upcoming class.  The workshop is 2 hours long, but we always finish early because everything is precut and scored.  It gives you time to sit and relax, shop or both!  :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

26 years ago

tomorrow someone special entered into my life.  Since then, I have laughed and cried,  lost sleep and found joy, created memories and made mistakes.  Watching him grow over the years has brought me more joy than I ever imagined.  While I miss not seeing him more often and not talking to him as much as I would like, I feel so blessed to have an incredibly intelligent and caring son.  As midnight strikes, let his 26th year of life begin.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do Me A Favor...

is coming up one week from tonight.  Come make four little favors that even Cupid would approve of.  This workshop is lots of fun and with everything precut and scored, you can focus on catching up with a friend or simply relaxing while assembling the class projects.  While most students are done within an hour, we don't make that common knowledge.  It gives you time to sit, shop or hang out without feeling any guilt...and honestly, when is the last time that has happened?

Projects include a double heart hanging pocket made from one of Bazzill's printed papers; a large cardstock box trimmed with a printed paper from Crate Paper; a ruffled muslin bag adorned with a velvet trim and paper flower; and a high backed short box made from a printed paper from Bazzill.

a large cardstock box trimmed with a printed paper from Crate Paper {middle}; a ruffled muslin bag adorned with a velvet trim and paper flower {bottom right}; and a high backed short box made from a printed paper from Bazzill{bottom left}. 
It's an all chocolate class because honestly, when it comes to Valentine's there any other treat that tops chocolate?  I think not!  :) 

I am also working on the little favor I am making for the people I work with.  This simple and quick fold over treat resembles a match book, but without the stapled bottom closure. 

This treat would be super simple...just a few teeny clear bags filled with festive cupid corn, tied close with red seam binding and a sweet little title tied onto the top with a really fine strand of jute.  {PS thanks to Suzi and Lori for helping me create this mercury glass knock off dish from my $1.50 Goodwill find!}

I love the red, white, black and pink combination.  And Dale, you know REAL men can create with pink and can quilt!

If you haven't been into ETC lately, you have to stop in...everything Valentine's Day is going fast. 

If you are looking for a quick and easy valentine exchange project check out this amazing girl. Scroll down to her Jan 20th post. to download a sheet of this cuteness!

If you want to make an wreath check out Lindsey Neill...the creative wreath maker at ETC 
There's still room in her Feb 6th class if you don't already have plans.

Here's to a creative week,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mom's Christmas Magic

You have been asking and I have not been ignoring.  Just want you all to know how hard it is to sort though 2,000 photos.  That's what happens when you have a novice photographer trying to capture an entire house filled with Christmas Magic.

Here are a few of my favorites


 I will sort through the 2,000 photos within the next month and compile them to share with you.  She really does have quite the knack for decorating and entertaining!

Off to Dollar Demos at Etc.  If you are a local, consider stopping by.  It will be going on until 3:00!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Weekend of the New Year

and we are half way through it.  If you are anything like me, the weekends fly by and there always seems to be enough to keep me busy!  :)

Sad to say, but it's time to pack up the holiday decorations til next year.  That includes these things as well...

 These were some of the decorations I added to the house this year.  In the top picture is an ornament from Patty that I got in an ornament exchange.  All the ornaments were just this good!  The little snowman jar topper was made in a little crafting group.  The adorable noel tray was a gift from a sweet friend, thanks Debbie C...I LOVE it!  :)

This was also one of the ornaments from the exchange...Suzi you are the soldering queen!  I tied this sweet ornament onto an old thrifted plastic wreath using some old vintage Christmas ribbon.  I tied it onto a stand I bought when I was shopping with my friend Kim.  I think it is an old advertising stand.  When I saw it I just couldn't pass it up, and I am so glad I bought it.  

Now that the holidays are over, I can paint this chair, which I have been trying to do for a couple of months and finish up this bedroom.  I still have lots to do, but I wanted to share a pic of the cutest pillows my mega talented friend, Lindsey Neill, made for me. 

I love them so much.  And they really do look amazing on the bed.  :)
These little guys are stacked up in between the two chairs in the room.  Still lots to do to finish the room and I hope to have it done by the time these two come home again.
I must admit, the room looks a little different, but it is still the one he grew up in.  :)

I am anxious to finish it up so I can move onto Jenaye's old bedroom.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's really hard to believe that 2012 is behind us!  It was certainly a busy {and exciting} year for the Collins clan.  We had 4 graduations...two from U of A and two from UC Denver.  If that wasn't enough excitement, we had a wedding.  Ashley Dorson officially joined the family in August.  LOTS of blessings and things to be grateful for.  We also had a nephew graduate from Red Mountain, a niece get married in California and another niece get engaged!  WOW.

I can hardly wait to see what 2013 will bring.  The highlight in January is a job change for me.  No, I won't be leaving the City of Mesa where I have worked for the past 28 years, but I will be changing responsibilities and will have the opportunity to go back into our customer and sales area.  While I enjoy my current position, I get to go back and work with all the business owners and managers which I LOVE!  :)

While I want to share some photos of my mom's spectacular Christmas decor, I still have 900 photos to upload.  So, in the meantime, I thought I would share the photos of the upcoming Do Me A Favor projects that we will be making on the 8th of January.  In preparation of Valentine's Day, here they are: