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Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day...tomorrow

It's so hard to believe that May is less than a day away.  Which means the heat won't be too far behind.  :/  On the bright side, it's time for celebrating graduations from Kindergarten to College {of course mine are both in college!}.  Our cute nephew, Tanner, is going to be graduating from Red Mountain High School and I was lucky enough to get to take his senior pics this past weekend.  We took his sweet girlfriend along for some photos as well.  We took quite a few, so we were able to pick and chose our favorites.

This past weekend I also spent my Saturday at a garbage truck road-e-o...I know sounds pretty corny, but it was lots of fun.  :)

Tonite I ate at Fuddrucker's and have double checked on the junk status in this castle.  Tomorrow is the FIRST day of my 90 day race to gain control of my eating habits and lose some weight.  The personal trainer shared some disappointing news last week...I have 41% body fat.  In addition to that I weigh more now than I ever have in my entire life...even when I was at my pregnancy weight.  OUCH! don't need cute shoes, any fancy equipment to join me!  You just need to want to change your eating habits and be willing to buy new clothes when you start losing weight.

I have stocked the pantry with Luna Bars, almonds and Kashi cereal and the fridge with some of my favorite fruits and vegetables.  I am shooting for a max of 1,500 calories per day.  {400} at breakfast; {400} at lunch; {400} at dinner; two {100 cal} snacks and one {50 cal} snack after dinner.  In addition...I will consume lots of water to ensure I stay hydrated.  This is gonna be a piece of cake...or should I say easy peasy?

Here's to a new day, a new month and a healthier me!  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics! I see a lot of Kraig in Tanner. Good luck in your 90 day quest. I found a lot of success in eating right, cutting out the sugar and walk, walk, walk! Once the pounds start to drop, it's easy to stay motivated!

  2. Oh Kelli I'm right behind you. I don't have a personal trainer (I'm afraid to get someone who will slap me around or at least tell me to stop buying pop), but I so want to lose weight. Keep the encouraging words coming and any suggestions you may have . . . I'm listening!