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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lose It!

OK...I have been thinking lately how I really want to get healthy and do something good for me that also benefits others in my life.  Here's what I have come up with...Beginning May 1st and for the following 90 days, I am going to post about my journey and encourage others to join along!  Those of you that are already "fit" can provide motivation and support to keep us going.

I hope many of you will be motivated and encouraged to make some life style changes that benefit you!  Honestly, when is the last time you have done anything for yourself?  That's what I has been a while.  The significant other, the kids, work, church commitments, the dog, the cat...heck we even put the goldfish before us.

Here's the deal:
set your own goals {share 'em or not}
monitor your own success {share it or not}
share personal experiences {or not}
post your favorite lo cal snacks or recipes
support and encourage others
have fun

I think we stand to learn a lot about one another and ourselves as we take this big leap.  And what do you have to lose, but some extra pounds?

In order for us to be more successful, we need to prepare for the journey.  SO, devour all the junk in your house that you shouldn't be eating, dine at your favorite restaurants and make your last Cold Stone purchase.  Then, before the first of May, stock the house with food that is good for you and start thinking about an exercise plan that you can stick with.  Walking, weightlifting, jogging, Zumba, swimming, or a combination...whatever you know you can stick with!

Once May 1st hits...commit to increasing your exercise and making better food choices.  Stay with the program for 90 days and let's see the power of encouragement and support!  My goal is 30 in 90...that's 30 pounds in 90 days.  Set a personal goal for yourself.  Be reasonable and do your best to make it achieveable.

I know some of my readers have lost weight and kept it off...I hope they will consider being our "cheerleaders" {no stunting required}.  Chelle and Cicely...are you in? 

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  1. Kelli, On Monday I am starting to try and LOSE IT too. I have an appointment with a trainer and hope to get motivated to get back on track. So I welcome this opportunity and look forward to hearing about your progress. Thanks, Lori H