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Friday, January 27, 2012

Simple = Good!

Simple little things are they best, aren't they?  I love things that are simple.  They seem to make a big statement.  On Tuesday, some sweet student at the B CHIC class gave Jamie and I a yummy treat in this aDorable package.  The three coordinating pieces of tape against the brown box are a great combination and the little yarn pom pom trim just finishes it off, doesn't it?  Thanks Taina!  You are the cutest.

Last night I created these sweet heart shaped valentines for another student in my DO ME A FAVOR class.  She wanted something her little guy could sign and then tie onto his valentines for the classroom exchange.  The hearts are about 3" to allow him enough room to write his name.  I made these little mock ups, writing my children's names with my left hand.  I couldn't resist writing some of the letters backwards like children often do.  These are simply perfect for a valentine exchange at school {or the office}.

It sure doesn't get much simpler than this.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our oldest is 25? is hard for this mom to believe, but this cute little guy turned 25 yesterday.  And yes, that is me in this photo {big hair and all}.  Who would have ever known that the days back then were much simpler?  Yea, I was on the go a lot more, but I loved it.  Many days have passed since this picture was taken.  Fast forward to 2012 where this grown man is all set to marry his high school sweetheart!  Pretty amaZing.

And there will be so much to do between now and then...and I can't wait.  Ashley is the sweetest gal and will make a wonderful addition to the Collins family.  It is a great feeling knowing your son is marrying someone that loves him like no other. 

Seeing photos like this makes me want to continue to document all the wonderful things in my life!  I am one lucky girl!  :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Weekend Flew By it just me, or are the weekends gone before you know it?  I sure filled my every minute this weekend with "things" so I feel super productive.  :)

After I kit for the B Chic banner class with Jamie, I am going to work on some more Valentine's stuff.  I picked up some things tonite that I think will be perfect.

Banner peek...

It's a burlap banner with a fabric bunting strung underneath.  No sewing involved...Fabric Tac you are the best.  Jamie and I are so excited to teach this workshop on Tuesday.  :)

Today I rearranged my little entryway table and decorated for Valentine's Day.

It's hard to see my latest find...the cute jar filled with glittered keys.  Got them recently at FOUND in Mesa when a friend and I went to see what we couldn't live without.  The cute tall skinny candy jar came from Michael's.  I just loved the size and shape.

Over the weekend I had the most scrumptious berry salad at a new little cafe in Mesa...Sassy's.  It's located on the S/W corner of Lindsay and Main, right up the street from ETC.  Not sure if this will be a good thing or not, since it's a bakery as well, serving up fresh cinnamon rolls, cupcakes and cookies.  BUT I was good {at least on this visit}. 

Well, tomorrow marks a new week and I'm ready!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

These are a few of the sweet treats I have been working on.  I love this fun candy corn in red, white & pink.

Hope to see you locals tomorrow at ETC!  :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

This week is off to a great start

While I had to work Saturday, I had Sunday and Monday to catch up.  It's always nice to have a few days away from work. 

Here are some things I worked on...

These little 2" boxes are easy and quick to decorate and they hold just the right amount of chocolate {for one} will power required for the recipient.  BUT will power is required for the one assembling them {I consumed two today!).

I also stitched up some brown paper sacks to hold Valentine's Day treats.  Here's a mini sack.  The printed paper is from the Yours Truly line by Echo Park.  The printwork was printed on Bazzill cardstock and punched with an EK Success circle punch.

Here's a mega sack {giving you more room for chocolate}.  I love incorporating white with the brown paper...and the doiley fit perfectly.

And another mega sack...this one is my favorite.  I used Bazzill printed paper for the band and the heart and printed "LOVE" on Bazzill cardstock.  The little bitty clothes pin and pennant is from American Craft

This pleated cup is glued to a chipboard base for added stability.  It'd be a great little Valentine Exchange item for an elementary school classroom, or even those "sweet" coworkers you work with. 

Hopefully all you local gals have signed up for the Scrappin Sampler at ETC this Saturday.  If you MIGHT just be making this. 
It's a mini brown paper sack filled with hard candies.  It's adorned with a glimmer misted tag that is topped with burlap and a fabric heart.  A couple of buttons, a glimmer misted paper flower, a teeny "Happy Valentine's Day" tag and assorted ribbon and lace are the final touches that were added to complete the make-n-take project.  This is one of three projects that you will leave with.  If you do come...act surprised like you haven't seen the project before.  Because it's tradition for us not to display the projects ahead of time.  :)  I will also be working from 5:30-9 Saturday night, so if you miss the Sampler, come see me Saturday nite.  We have LOTS of great Valentine paper that arrived recently...along with some other new scrapbooking products!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Crazy week

Boy has this ever been a craZy week.  So much going on at work and trying to squeeze in some creativity, relaxation and exercise (walking).  I really have to get on the ball to getting fit.  Not only because I am officially over 50, but because Preston and Ashley are getting married this year!  I must say goodbye to 30 pounds that have been hanging around MUCH TOO LONG.  Eating right and walking faithfully to meet my goal.  I will keep you posted.

Wanted to share some more favors that I created.  These are made from the see thru bags.

These little see thru bags are so adorable when filled with sweet treats.  And there are so many things that you can do with them to adapt them to any occasion you might need.  This little bag of candy is placed inside this cute pleated cup. 

And these plastic boxes are a quick and easy project.  Create labels on your printer to adorn the box {and secure the ribbon} around thiese tall see thru boxes.

Signing off to walk!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

I spent the day creating sweet little favors for Valentine's Day.  Hard to believe it's about a month away.  I love the black, pink, red and white color combo.  It is so cheery!

The squared corner jars are one of my favorites to decorate.

AND the selection of Valentine's Day scrapbook paper is amaZing!  The first little jar is wrapped with 3 printed papers from Basic Grey.  Instead of black, this little non traditional {but aDorable} Valentine's paper from their Kissing Booth line, has brown in it.  The other two are printed papers from Echo Park's Yours Truly line.  The little heart tag was created with cardstock and printed paper from Bazzill.  The middle bottle sits on a couple of cupcake wrappers that are folded in half and glued to a round piece of chipboard for a base.  The heart flag and the teeny tiny clothes pin is from American Craft and the red rhinestone is from Bazzill. 

These plastic jars are the perfect size, as they hold just the right amount of candy for gifting as a favor.  And the white lids are so cute.  There's just something about white that I love. 

I will share some of the other creations later this week.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine's Day is just

around the corner.  Hard to believe that it's about a month away.  The good news is that Jamie Andersen and I finished our banner for our upcoming B Chic Class at ETC on the 24th. feels so good to be ahead of the game.

Here's a peek
It's made from burlap panels that showcase glass glittered letters and trinkets.  All 9 panels are individually adorned in a pink, red, white and black color scheme.  A miniature fabric banner hangs from the ends of the flat banner to add a whimsical charm.  It's a great combination of vintage and modern day "goodies".  This banner is a great size and would look fabulous along any long wall in your home or office.  You could skip the ribbon and hang the banner by using straight pins.

This one is a bit clearer and shows a bit more detail.  Lots of trims, lace, buttons, pom poms, vintage game cards, a silver spoon, a glittered bird, a vintage corsage pin and many other parts and pieces to make it fun and interesting. 

I can't wait to hang this one up in my home.  Of course I do have a few more Christmas decorations that I need to take down first.

I apologize that the lighting isn't any camera flash STILL isn't working.  But hopefully this will give you an idea.

Now that our project is completed, I have time to work on some other things around here that aren't near as know...laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning house and organizing my craft room.

I will see how far I get come Monday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year...New Opportunities 2012 is officially here.  We should look at it as a clean slate.  An opportunities to make improvements and enhancements to the lives we live and I am going to do just that!

For starters, it is time for me to quit talking about improving my health and time to just do it!  Better eating, regular exercise and less dining out.  There are a couple parts of my body that scream "sugar and fat aren't your friends".  I believe 'em.  Both kids graduate in May and Preston and Ashley get married in August.  I have cute clothes I need to fit into and I need to feel better both mentally and physically.  It's back to salads, chicken, fruits, veggies, almonds, Luna Bars and things in moderation.  I will keep you posted on my goal and if any of you have some good-for-you recipes, please share!

One sure fire way to eat less JUNK is to stay busy.  When I am creating, I am eating less.  Here's a sneak peek at something Jamie and I have been working on for our upcoming class.

Lots of burlap, lace, trims, felt, fabric, glitter and embellishments are included in this class, but no sewing.  LOVE that Fabric Tac!  We will see about getting a better photo later this week to share, but since a few of you were asking about the project, we at least wanted to share something.

Hope your day was filled with carrot sticks and mine.  :)