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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year...New Opportunities 2012 is officially here.  We should look at it as a clean slate.  An opportunities to make improvements and enhancements to the lives we live and I am going to do just that!

For starters, it is time for me to quit talking about improving my health and time to just do it!  Better eating, regular exercise and less dining out.  There are a couple parts of my body that scream "sugar and fat aren't your friends".  I believe 'em.  Both kids graduate in May and Preston and Ashley get married in August.  I have cute clothes I need to fit into and I need to feel better both mentally and physically.  It's back to salads, chicken, fruits, veggies, almonds, Luna Bars and things in moderation.  I will keep you posted on my goal and if any of you have some good-for-you recipes, please share!

One sure fire way to eat less JUNK is to stay busy.  When I am creating, I am eating less.  Here's a sneak peek at something Jamie and I have been working on for our upcoming class.

Lots of burlap, lace, trims, felt, fabric, glitter and embellishments are included in this class, but no sewing.  LOVE that Fabric Tac!  We will see about getting a better photo later this week to share, but since a few of you were asking about the project, we at least wanted to share something.

Hope your day was filled with carrot sticks and mine.  :)

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