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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shop Small

Today's the day to shop small businesses in your community.  Supporting local family owned businesses is a great way to boost the local economy.  So, today I will be shopping and supporting some of my favorites:
ETC at 2820 E University, FOUND and Design Lab at Robson & Main, The Antique Mall in downtown Mesa and will grab a bite to eat at Mango's, also in downtown Mesa.

And then it's back home to finish up these little guys.  My vision is to paint them white, sprinkle them with Diamond Dust, and make little banners to hang in their little hands that say "joy".  Instead of top hats, I may give them little glittered crows.  Then I will position them onto these little coasters that my friend Karen gave me, along with a little adorned bottle brush tree and wrapped package.  Of course then I will need to decide if they need to be elevated onto a glittered candlestick holder, paper mache box, or what-not.  Why you ask?  Because as my friend Earleen says, "More is More".
How long do you think it will take to do this family of snowmen?
I have a total of 28 to do.  A few of them will be for people at work and those little banners will say "recycle".  Yea, I know...kinda odd, but that's what happens when you are in the trash and recycling business for almost 30 years.  LOL

Maybe it will go quicker than I think, as I have a helper.
Yes, that's right...Jackson is sitting on the bench at the other end of the kitchen table and here is the view I have while working.  Maybe he is having some glitter flashbacks from last season when he chewed up some glittered candles and glittered plastic ornaments.  When Jenaye returned home from work and found his face and paws covered and glittered, I knew that he was a crafter at heart.

Make the most of your weekend!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I cannot believe that Thursday is already Thanksgiving!  Although I am looking forward to some extra time at home and catching up with family, it seems like it rolled around WAY too soon.  Always has a way of sneaking up on me!

Last year, we traveled down to Tuscon, and spent the day with Jenaye and Jackson, but this year they will be here spending it with us.  Preston, Ashley and Zona are staying in Denver for the "feast" so unfortunately they won't be joining us.

After all the Pinterest inspiration I created some little tags to send leftovers home with our guests.

I loved the simplicity of the "fill in the blank" tags.  I will also be using them to package a Thanksgiving meal for Bob's 91 year old aunt.

I made extras and will head down to stock them in my little favor section at ETC tomorrow.

I feel very accomplished since I did my grocery shopping today.  I am braving Costco tomorrow for their scrumptious pumpkin pie and spiral sliced ham...wish me luck!

Here's to a week filled with gratitude and thanks for everything I have, including the people in my life. I am truly blessed!