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Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine's Day is just

around the corner.  Hard to believe that it's about a month away.  The good news is that Jamie Andersen and I finished our banner for our upcoming B Chic Class at ETC on the 24th. feels so good to be ahead of the game.

Here's a peek
It's made from burlap panels that showcase glass glittered letters and trinkets.  All 9 panels are individually adorned in a pink, red, white and black color scheme.  A miniature fabric banner hangs from the ends of the flat banner to add a whimsical charm.  It's a great combination of vintage and modern day "goodies".  This banner is a great size and would look fabulous along any long wall in your home or office.  You could skip the ribbon and hang the banner by using straight pins.

This one is a bit clearer and shows a bit more detail.  Lots of trims, lace, buttons, pom poms, vintage game cards, a silver spoon, a glittered bird, a vintage corsage pin and many other parts and pieces to make it fun and interesting. 

I can't wait to hang this one up in my home.  Of course I do have a few more Christmas decorations that I need to take down first.

I apologize that the lighting isn't any camera flash STILL isn't working.  But hopefully this will give you an idea.

Now that our project is completed, I have time to work on some other things around here that aren't near as know...laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning house and organizing my craft room.

I will see how far I get come Monday!

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  1. Kelli
    What a beautiful beautiful banner. I am bummed I will be at work that day
    Will you have kits available???? If so let me know.