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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter.  It's been really quiet around here for us.  With the kids being grown and more egg dying or hunting and no more baskets to fill and present.  Heck, the Easter Bunny doesn't even stop here anymore!  Just as well, as I really don't need to be tempted!

I spent most of the day crafting with Tim Holtz.  Well, what I really mean is crafting with Tim Holtz product. I am having fun experimenting with his stains and distress inks to create some unique backgrounds on tags.  Right now I am just focusing on learning the techniques and being able to execute them without thinking.  Then I will concentrate on color selection and stamp things at a time.  I really need to consider dedicating some time each day...even 30 minutes to master this.  Between the Chemistry 101 on-line class with Tim and the workshop with Jack & Cat {aka Mike Putman & Lesley} I have been introduced to so many techniques and ideas that it is hard to keep them straight!

One thing I noticed is that no matter how many colors I mix up and layer...I seem to end up with a similar color palette on the tags.  Maybe the trick is to combine less than 8 or 9 colors {giggle}.  But I am known for "junking it up"...huh Naye?  And as Earleen would say, "more is more!".  

Lucky for me, Tim's product is plentiful around here!  ETC sells oodles of his stuff.  I was there yesterday and noticed that they are almost sold out of his new distress markers that were just released.  When I got there, only 5 colors were in stock, a total of about 9 markers.  Seriously.  Guess I will have to wait for the reorder. 

Well...the work week ahead is quickly approaching, so I better get to preparing for it.

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  1. Hey Kell I would love to learn some of these techniques. I have taken Mike and Lesley's class at Mystic but would love to learn more about the distress stains and pens. Maybe a class in your future??? BTW these are beautiful!