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Monday, December 26, 2011

My mom is the MOST amaZing person I know

Her house is seriously like a Christmas Wonderland!  Nobody sits at this little table, but that doesn't keep her from decorating it.  Such detail and TIME goes into all of her tablescapes.

This year, she decided not to put up all of her trees.  So only 5 were on display this year.  It takes her almost 2 months to put the decorations up and just about as long to take them down. 

The food was as good as it looked.  From tasters to full sized goodies, "granny" had it all!  If you left hungry it was definitely your own fault!

Kinda looks like a Martha Stewart or Matthew Mead or Colin Cowie set up, doesn't it?  
The table we ate it was just as amaZing!  

I am always amaZed at my mom's talent and ability to decorate, cook, bake and entertain.  She definitely has an "eye" for home interior and design.  Jenaye shares the same talent...but it definitely missed a generation!

Wherever you spent the holidays, I hope you made some memories and shared some laughs. 


  1. Kelli this is absolutely beautiful! Leave it up all year. It's too pretty to put away.

  2. to die for! the apple doesn't fall far from the are AMAZING too, my dear. ♥