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Monday, April 2, 2012

Tim Holtz'ed

In addition to the Tim Holtz Chemistry 101 on-line class I finished up last week, I also took a great class with the amaZing Mike Putman {and Lesley}. about energized.  I am dreaming about Tim Techniques from inks to powders and stickles to distress markers.  I have learned SO much about Tim's products lately and I love being able to use paints, inks, and other messy stuff to create unique one-of-a-kind tags, cards, layouts and wood based projects.  I can hardly wait to sit down and try my hand at all the new techniques that were taught.  

Here are some tags I made after my first on-line lesson.

While I don't own every single distress ink pad and all of Tim's stamps {yet}...I do own a lot of them and DON'T have a favorite.  Honestly, if his name is on is a product worth owning.  I definitely have more ink than stamps, so I will be adding stamps to my collection in the near future.  

One of the problems I have is that I get so involved in what I am doing that I don't want to quit.  And sometimes, this causes me to lose sleep by going to bed extra late and rising extra early for that dang job that provides the paycheck that supports all my creative endeavors.  Gosh if only I could have ended up with a career in art instead of garbage and recycling.  :/

This week I work Wednesday thru Saturday, so today was a laid back day...slept in, did a little work stuff to prepare for a foreman recruitment that we are in the middle of and did a little creative stuff with paper and scissors.  I teach paper crafting classes at one of the most amazing paper and fabric craft stores around...ETC in Mesa {AZ} and one of the things we do to promote our classes is decorate a 24" X 24" framed board that hangs in the classroom.  They are updated and changed out about every 4 months.  Updated boards are due I thought it would be good to wrap mine up and get it on display tonight.  It's always a good idea to meet a deadline that the boss sets.  I am certain, once again there will be some amazing boards.  Probably my favorite boards have come from the uber talented Pam Black {aka "wee"}.  She is a great artist and has many fabulous ideas she pulls from inspiration from her home decor background.  ALL of the boards seem to have great design elements and are very polished.  Mine...usually simple and clean lined.  Here's a peek at the one I finished up today.

I used several cute printed papers from My Mind's Eye, Pink Paisley, American Crafts & Echo Park, some fun little weekly planner pages, cute labels, and an adorable new ruffly trim...all of which are available at ETC.  The funky numbers were cut by hand since I was too laZy to get out my Cricut.  I think it adds some whimsical charm and certainly adds to the originality.  I always am thrilled to have mine completed and look forward to seeing what all the other gals have created...Joey Otlo, Shelley Ellis, Jamie Andersen, Amy Totty, Heidi Lynn Schreiber, Angie Dunn, Mamie Coffee, Connie K, Pam Black...they all blow me away.  If you are local, stop in the large class room and take a peek at all the updated boards.  I am sure they will blow you away too!  :)

To top off a near perfect hubby announced we are dining at Nando's tonite.  Yum. 

I really need to start thinking about the wedding...and get back on track.  Thursday I am starting a routine with a personal trainer.  Pretty sad I need someone to tell me what I already know - layoff the crap, exercise more, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.  But I plan on using her to encourage me...motivate me and hold me accountable.  I will keep you posted on my success, but for tonite, we are headed to Nando's!  :)

Make it a fabulous week!

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  1. Kelli - Your ideas blow me away! Wish that ETC was in Denver or I was in Mesa to soak up all the inspiration, creativity (& warmth in the winter!).