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Friday, July 12, 2013

Cute little white cabinet

and it's perfect for displaying my party favors and supplies!  :) 

Out thrifting today and I found this little gem.  When I saw it I just knew it would be so cute on a food table at a party, shower or reception AND that it would double as a display piece for my little party favors and party favor supplies down at ETC.  I made a few samples to display using the ever-so-cute new baby line from Echo Park along with a simple pennant banner to hang from the railing.  I removed the drawers and added some more supplies before dropping it off at ETC tonite. 

I also found these sweet stamps when I was out and about today.

The stamp on the left was made at Strauch's Stationary when they were in downtown Mesa.  I found them at an Estate Sale and HAD to take them home with me! 

I finished up the adorning the straws for the baby shower that is coming up on the 20th. 

I decided not to add little paper pennants as I originally planned.  Instead, I decided to add a little piece of white lace to keep them simple and dainty.  No glue, no fuss, and super fast!  I am going to display them in this glass vase tied with the wide pink lace. 

                                                         {all supplies purchased at ETC}
GATHER:lace, ribbon or trim
paper straws

START: Fold lace in half, place straw on top, pull tails through the loop, pull gently to tighten.

I guess I better start thinking about the food I am going to take to the baby shower, in addition to the pickle roll ups.  I know those don't sound good, but they are scrumptious!  Whole dill pickles rolled in a slice of ham that's smothered with cream cheese, and then cut into bite sized pieces.  I think the salt in the ham, the tartness of the pickles and the creaminess of the cream cheese make a great combination.  It's always a potluck favorite!  :)


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