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Friday, August 8, 2014

Simply Lucky

I have the luckiest life. 

I just retired with the City of Mesa with 30-1/2 years of service.  Yesterday was bittersweet.  I have had a great career, worked with amazing customers, learned from so many co-workers and supervisors and had the best "send off" a girl could get.

Here was my "plaque" that they gave me.

Pretty amazing, huh?  I absolutely love it!  It's made from an artist who uses discarded items and welds them into works of art.  The driver inside the cab is made from a spark plug, the truck from a toaster, the cab of the truck from a small metal loaf pan and the wheels from old skates.  The trash dumpster on the forks of the truck has a lid that actually opens up.  I love how the incredible artist ties in recycling/repurposing into his art.  So clever and so creative.  And the talented people I work with even added a mini truck sign of Preston and Jenaye by recreating the life sized one on our trucks. It's absolutely perfect!  :)

Soon, it's off to the UK with my mom for one amazing vacation.  We are searching the Internet and making a list of "must see" places we want to go to.  We are eager to get away, relax and spend time together in a more slow paced fashion.  :)

Then, I am loading up the car and heading to IU {Inspiration Unlimited} with Jenaye, where I will be teaching in late September.  A great opportunity to meet new people, catch up with gals I haven't seen in a long while and enjoy time with friends in a fun and creative atmosphere.  I will be teaching alongside the industry's best, and know how lucky I am to have been invited by Ginger Nelson and Teresa Collins.  Here's a sneak peek of the cover of my album.

It's constructed from Bazzill/American Crafts chipboard and cardstock and embellished with My Minds Eye printed paper, Prima flowers and coordinating ribbon.  It's a year in review album in the most adorable color scheme that's perfect for any photos or occasions! 

Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me, encouraged me, cheered for me, helped me and blessed me with their friendship.  Without you and your support, it would all be meaningless.

Here's to a great weekend!

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  1. Congrats on so many fronts, Kelli! You have earned all the joy you are reaping now! Enjoy your vacation and the new adventures that await you!