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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy, Busy!

Funny how life can take off and leave you wondering where the last several weeks or months went.  With Preston and Ashley's wedding behind is reaching a slower pace {at the moment}.  The wedding was amaZing and we were reminded how many friends we have and how much they contribute to our lives.

Wanted to share a peek at one of the beautiful projects created for the wedding.
Sweet Jenaye made this belt for Ashley.  Ashley provided the inspiration and many of the sentimental embellishments to make this a unique and meaningful piece.  Ashley even had a blue shirt that belonged to her dad that she tied in to the piece.  She had Naye cut a heart out of the shirt and sew it onto the belt along the side of the dress.  Of course, it looked amaZing on Ashley.  She was incredibly beautiful. 

My boss gave me a super cute shirt the last day I worked before heading to Sedona...a "mother of the groom" Tshirt.  I wore it on Friday and just HAD to have a picture taken with Preston.

While I hate having my photo taken...I knew that this time was certainly worth capturing.  :)  And I actually think my hair stylist, Miss Hillary, would claim me as a client!

It's back to reality.  Jamie and I have a class on Tuesday nite at ETC...B Chic.  It's our burlap class, which we absolutely love!  We wanted to share a sneak peek of the project.

While my photography lacks...the project doesn't.  It's a wood base, approximately 9X11 inches.  It would be a great wedding gift or a project for your home.  If you haven't already signed up to join us, there are a few spots left.  We'll paint the wood, paint the heart onto a burlap panel, embellish with lace, a felt flower, a Bazzill vintage button, some ruffled trim and a preglittered key.  A little hand stitched "established" tag adorns the project.  It's a great project that is easily completed during the class, with no homework required.  Hope to see you locals there.

Have a creative week,

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  1. Hey Chica! Found you! Got my e about Create 2012. Been to your older blog (polka dots) over and over looking for ya. Life's been brutal the past few yrs (family illnesses/deaths) but trying to get back to normal, whatever that is! And you, mom of the groom!!! :)
    Think I need to go to Create for my bday (11/3), don't you? Could you shoot me an email when you get a chance? Miss your sweet self! Hugs, Julie Ryver (Santa Maria, CA)